Speed ​​up and optimize your content creation with our news stream service! 🚀 With up to 50 sources and 30 keywords, you get a customized RSS feed with only relevant content. 🎯 With just one briefing, you get access to up to individually customized news, perfectly tailored to your target group. Our innovative method enables a cost reduction of over 50% in news creation.

We deliver the first messages immediately after our kick-off meeting. Benefit from fast delivery and reduced costs without compromising on quality. 💡

  • Starter Stream

    Price: 449,00 EURO

    Monthly cancellation

    -> Try it now for free

    • Access to up to 10 news sources
    • Up to 5 keyword filters
    • Basic Customer Support Whatsapp


    Ideal for those new to content automation who want to explore the benefits of simplified content curation.

    30 days free 
  • Premium Stream

    Price: 499,00 EURO

    Monthly cancellation

    -> Try it now for free

    • Access to up to 40 news sources
    • Up to 25 keyword filters
    • Advanced filter options to exclude unwanted terms
    • Regular updates and customer support
    • Integration support for WordPress and other CMS


    Designed for professionals and small businesses looking to enhance their digital presence with more comprehensive news aggregation and customization options.

    30 days free 
  • Enterprise Stream

    Price: From 2895,00 EURO

    6 months minimum term

    -> Try it now for free

    • Access to up to 50 news sources
    • Up to 30 keyword filters
    • Advanced customer support with priority response and online appointments with experts
    • Customizable integration capabilities, including full
    • Support for ContentStudio and social media planning
    • Comprehensive analytics and reporting on content performance


    Suitable for larger organizations or intensive content requirements, offers the most robust features for a dynamic and extensive digital strategy.

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